The Intuition Behind 100 DAYS OF DATA SCIENCE CODE

Data Science and It Growing prime

Data Science which i call the civil engineering of data, as an interdisciplinary field, data science deals with processes and systems, that are used to extract knowledge or insights from large amounts of data. With headways of so much of data, many aspects of data science are gaining gigantic sense, especially big data.

A lot of data are collected from various activities we do every day, starting from our conversation(online and offline), our daily activities, our eating and buying behaviors, and a lot more.

Researchers have found out that every human generate 2.5 quadrillions of data but the question is what will this data be used for? This brings to the introduction of data science, getting meaningful values from data using machine learning algorithm and Analytics tool to interpret the meaningful value and insight.

Why you should learn data science

I suggest data science should be core and a compulsory course in the educational system. Why?

Like I said earlier a single human generates 2.5 quadrillions of data and data generated can be useful and still be dangerous but let’s talk about the useful part which is grouped into three categories

1. Predict or forecast

2. Provide uniques Experience

3. Improvement.

8 Big Companies that use your data

  1. Netflix
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. Spotify
  7. Tinder
  8. Apple
  9. Jumia
  10. Amazon
  11. Alibaba
  12. Microsoft
  13. IBM
  14. Samsung

What is 100days of ds code

100 days ds code is a program which aims to grow aspiring Data Scientist from Zero to World Class.

100 days of ds code is a one-hour everyday course which promotes the diversity and inclusion vision on teaching Data Science with advanced information and techniques to solve the global challenges and emerging problems.

100 days of ds code courses, projects and tutorials are student-centric with intellectual and well-experienced instructors.

Why we started 100days of ds code(The Intuition behind 100days of ds code)

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me if i would love to make extra cash as a data scientist while i am learning and waiting for that White collar job that will change my lifestyle and grow me potentially? I told him yes, of course. He then introduced me to kaggle and Zindi to me but to be sincere i was actually confused and i felt like i have no future here. I went around searching for articles and course that will lead me from zero to an expert in this domain, although i just knew what was data science and of course I read about regression and classification.

After a long search, the courses I found was premium, lol and behold I quitted, However, i though “anything that can’t kill me will make me stronger”, I went on to purchase an IBM Data Science course which grew me from Zero to Hero in Data Science. So as a collaborator and Problem solver i though of how many people who will or have experienced what i just passed through so i decided to start a course tagged “100daysofdscode” with an aim to grow aspiring Data Scientist with like-mind from Zero to Hero in 100days.

Why you should learn Data Science

Gain problem-solving skills

In our recent era, problem solvers are leading in every organization and also contributing to making the world a better place. At heart, Data Science is all about solving problems. The problems just happen to be on a much grander system than what many of us are used to — effecting entire businesses, along with the staff and customers that they serve. The ability to think effectively, analytically and approach problems in the right way is a skill that’s always useful, not just in the professional world, but in everyday life as well. Venture Beat explains the value of deductive reasoning skills simply, explaining that:

“Being able to look at various pieces of data and draw a conclusion is probably the most valuable skill for any employee to have, and surprisingly it’s something that’s too often missing from otherwise technically advanced employees.”

The career opportunities are limitless

Did you know nearly every organization has a data science or data analyst department? There is a significant number of careers open to those trained in the area of data science, whether that’s as a data scientist, statistic officer, business analyst, predictive modeler or computer programmer, these jobs will continue to grow and be in demand as organizations are required to adapt to improving technologies.

Demand For Data Scientist

In the Next Few Years, It is expected that the size of the data analytics market will evolve to at least one-third of the global IT market from the current one-tenth. All the organizations whether large and small — are clamoring to find employees who can understand and synthesize data, and then communicate these findings in a way that proves beneficial to the company and help the management to make decisions.

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Data Science and Deep Learning Advocate

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