Fu*k this Year, I got a Benz

Firstly I do love to Thank God for keeping me alive this year, this year has a lot of up and down

Before I begin my year review, I’d love to say this;

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

Pls, pardon my F word. I decided to pick this title because of how crazy this year (2020) is, a lot of things happened in Nigeria, starting from government policies to #EndSars protest.

In this review, I will take you through everything that happened to me this year starting from my losses to my win/achievements, my relationship, my love life, and lastly my amazing friends and family.

My Losses

  • Got rejected by IBM 5 times even with referral 😭 and I fit very well for the position.

In all, I always tell myself to

“Keep Going · “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying” and “Hold strong to your faith”

My Village People 1–0 Me

My Wins

  • Wrote a research paper
  • Built Twitter Threadsummarizer with @ aigehi (beta stage)
  • Got recognized by BBC

I am open to hiring. Pls🙏🙏 @ or mention any company or recruiter that is hiring for Data Scientist or ML engineer. I am open to relocating(UK or Canada)😭😭

I met a lot of amazing people and I got closer to God.


What does a poor man have to do with love?


Thank you so much, Theodora Isola, Deborah Alenkhe, Farida Adamu, Rising Odegua, Hack Sultan, Onyinyechi Chijoke, Ehi Aig, Emerald Mclaniyi, Sadia Memudu, Rosalyne Anziya, Andyln Orji, Peace Ojemeh, Samson Goddy, Agiri Abraham, Linda Ikechukwu, Tonye Harry, Steven F Oladele and others

In all, I give Thanks to God and I still hold strong to my faith that something great will happen this new year.

Data Science and Deep Learning Advocate

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