Emeka Boris

Love letters are written to express affection or friendship towards someone else.

Personalized love letters with no plagiarism sound like a fantasy or an unrealistic expectation but that is exactly what we are about to deliver. The idea is to let a computer generate these love letters for us using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI has a lot of potential applications and I think this is one that many people can easily appreciate and benefit from. Including you, if your current romantic status is single. lol, Valentine is coming

So we are excited to announce RoseloveAI, an AI that generates unique, personalized and beautiful love letters for your partner with no plagiarism.

Neptune .ai is a beautiful tool to track your experiments in machine learning. The more you iterate the more important it becomes for you and your trainees to keep track of the experiments in machine learning notebooks. In this video, we will be looking into how we can record our own predictions, importance of hyperparameter tuning and what Neptune can do with it.