This is the cloud continuation of the previous article on deploying the Pytorch model with Okteto CLI and Flask API

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In the previous article, we learnt how to deploy a text generation model built with PyTorch using Okteto CLI and in this article, we will learn how to build a text generation model using a state of art text generation library(TEXT-GEN) and deploy the model with okteto cloud.

Text gen

Text gen is an almost state of the art library python library that allows you to build a custom text generation model with ease. …

Imagine you are done building a model that generates unique love letters with no plagiarism and you want everyone to use the model and send unique, and personalized love letters to their partner or crush. This is where deployment comes in.

The purpose of deploying your model is so that you can make the predictions from a trained ML model available to others.

In this article, we will learn how to deploy a PyTorch GRU text generation model using Okteto.

Effective deployment of machine learning models is more of an art than science.

The PyTorch model I’m using in this…

Love letters are written to express affection or friendship towards someone else.

Personalized love letters with no plagiarism sound like a fantasy or an unrealistic expectation but that is exactly what we are about to deliver. The idea is to let a computer generate these love letters for us using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI has a lot of potential applications and I think this is one that many people can easily appreciate and benefit from. Including you, if your current romantic status is single. lol, Valentine is coming

So we are excited to announce RoseloveAI, an AI that generates unique, personalized and beautiful love letters for your partner with no plagiarism.

Neptune .ai is a beautiful tool to track your experiments in machine learning. The more you iterate the more important it becomes for you and your trainees to keep track of the experiments in machine learning notebooks. In this video, we will be looking into how we can record our own predictions, importance of hyperparameter tuning and what Neptune can do with it.

Firstly I do love to Thank God for keeping me alive this year, this year has a lot of up and down

Before I begin my year review, I’d love to say this;

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

Pls, pardon my F word. I decided to pick this title because of how crazy this year (2020) is, a lot of things happened in Nigeria, starting from government policies to #EndSars protest.

In this review, I will take you through everything that happened to me this year starting from my losses…

The age of boring eyewear is long over. These days, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing stylish, attractive eyeglasses. Our first rule of choosing frames is to pick something that you love and that makes you feel confident. A-frame that complements the shape and coloring of your face is your best bet. So our question for you is do you know your face shape? While some persons have distinct face shape, others might have a combination face shape. If you fall into the later class, you’re lucky! …

Are you thinking about taking a class at Gitgirl, Coursera or any other E-Learning Platform? Or Are you currently enrolled in a program at the platforms outlined? Are you in the middle of a class and wondering how to juggle everything on your table? If you answered yes to either of these questions you may want to read through the 5 tips below.

Now let’s hydro-power the horse.

Feature scaling is an important technique in Machine Learning and it is one of the most important steps during the preprocessing of data before creating a machine learning model. This can make a difference between a weak machine learning model and a strong one. They two most important scaling techniques is Standardization and Normalization.

Normalization: Normalization is the process of rescaling one or more attributes to the range of 0 to 1. This means that the largest value for each attribute is 1 and the smallest value is 0.

Standardization: typically means rescales data to have a mean of 0…

Data visualization is a graphical illustration or representation of Data. As a Data Scientist, visualizing your insight using charts, graphs, and maps is important to ensure your stakeholders understand or have a clear view of your findings.

A simple explanation of 1D, 2D,3D

Let’s talk about the terminologies used by Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineers.

Getting started in data science can be amazing, especially when you consider the diversity of theories and techniques a data scientist requires to understand in order to do her job completely. Even the term “data science” can be somewhat vague, and as the domain obtains popularity, it seems to lose representation.

To help those new to the field stay on top of industry jargon and terminology, we’ve put together this glossary of data science terms. …

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